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Furthermore, a loan agreement normally consists of the terms for recourse in the case of default, similar to establishing the best to foreclose, while a promissory notice doesn’t. The terms of a observe often embody the principal quantity, the interest rate if any, the parties, the date, the terms of repayment and the maturity date. The above discussion makes clear that Negotiable instruments are the documents which are related to the business transactions.

If the maker is an organization, a promissory note may also be used as an funding vehicle and be convertible into securities of the company in lieu of a fee of money. If the party who owes the cash doesn’t fulfill the promise, the promissory notice is the legal document used to enforce fee in court. Banks and mortgage companies implement promissory notes through the foreclosures process. A loan agreement is required in order to determine the terms and condition between the lender and borrower. The agreement is binding on both the parties.

In case, you trust this person and the purpose of borrowing is genuine, you may go for it. As, you do not have any proofs, suggest you to kindly settle the issue with the Creditor amicably. This is the major difference between a Loan Agreement and Promissory Note. Amendments can be carried out either through written confirmation or a supplementary agreement. The Pro Note is valid for only 3 years from the date of execution.

promissory note format india doc

It is of different types-single/joint borrowers, payable on demand, payable in installments or as lump sum, interest-bearing and interest-free. All Borrowers or Co-signors identified in this Note shall be equally liable for the repayment of the debt described in this Note. According to section 6 of Negotiable Instruments Act, A cheque is defined as ‘a bill of exchange drawn on a specified banker and not expressed to be payable otherwise than on demand’. Number, place, date etc. – These are usually found in a promissory note but are not essential in law. If a promissory note does not bear a date, it is deemed to have been made when it was delivered. Certain sum of money – The sum payable must be certain or capable of being made certain.

Consumers also signal promissory notes when they should borrow cash. The promissory notice could clarify the terms and conditions of the loan. When the phrases and circumstances are too lengthy to incorporate on the promissory observe, the lender will provide these phrases and conditions in a separate mortgage settlement. Each is a legally binding contract to unconditionally repay a specified quantity within an outlined time frame. However, a promissory observe is mostly less detailed and less inflexible than a loan contract. As with any contract, the promissory notice will contain all of the terms and conditions related to the settlement which were established between the two parties.


Unlike the deed of belief or mortgage itself, the promissory notice is not entered into in county land data. A loan agreement is a legal contract between a borrower and a lender regulating the mutual promises made by each party. It is a formal document that evidences a loan. An agreement is a legal document and a written promise to repay the money that is described by the Agreement between the lender and the borrower. This document is used to record the terms between the parties including the method and amount of repayment of loan and also the penalty in case of default of such payment.

promissory note format india doc

My clarification regarding financial matters is that my husband has 3 properties which are in his name. I have been earning most part of my married life and i have not saved a single rupee in my name. All 3 properties were bought on loan from LIC and 2 loans have been closed, except the flat loan. Kindly try to first settle the issue amicably with your friend. Suggest you to consult a civil lawyer and take advice. Suggest you to get the Promissory Note done in this regard.

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The loan agreement has evidentiary value when it is printed on stamp paper/e-stamp paper and signed by both the parties. The stamp paper value depends on the particular State in which it is executed. Each party should thereafter keep a signed copy of the Loan Agreement. We visited India in October 2010 for few months when my father was seriously ill at that time. My wife lent me money for my father’s treatment. I gave my wife a PN stating that I will pay her back either 50 lakhs Indian rupees or 100,000 US dollars.

  • Suggest you to take help of a civil lawyer and get the agreement done.
  • The individual promising to pay the money is known as the ‘maker’ or ‘promissor’ and the person to whom the money is to be paid is called the ‘holder’ or ‘promisee’.
  • As, you do not have any proofs, suggest you to kindly settle the issue with the Creditor amicably.
  • A Promissory Note not only acknowledges that there is a Loan but also includes a specific promise to pay.

After six month he don’t want to buy my property and send me a legal notice to give his money back with interests. Dear Sreekumar ..The legal way can be a long-drawn battle for justice. But I am sure you will get judgement in your favor if all the proofs are in your favor. But its wiser to go for out-of-court settlement. Yes, it is better to have a formal Loan agreement done among yourselves.Interest-free loans are non-taxable for both lenders and borrowers.

Requirement of a Loan Agreement

Names of All Involved Parties -the Promissory Note must include the legal names of all the parties who are a part of the transaction. But signature should be signed in hand only. Along with interest of _____ % per annum in the bank account of ______________________. incremental efficiency is defined as Dear Nitish..kindly follow the points as mentioned in the article. If this is not possible, approach a lawyer at the earliest (I know this may not be the best of the best solutions but it is your hard-earned money, you have to get it back at any cost).

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  • Promissory Notes issued in one Indian state can be presented in another state provided that the note bears the valid stamp.
  • The promise to re-pay money and no other conditions should be mentioned in PN.
  • Dear sayeed..You may tell him clearly that you are taking out this money which is meant for sister’s marriage expenses and you would like to have Promissory Note written.

Now my friend is asking for full amount and a person whom i gave money is not returning. My friends has given me one month to pay the full amount. Considering i have both the promissory note and check along with whats app chat to prove he has my money. May i get the full amount by legal root in 1 month? Signature – The note must compulsorily include the signature of the borrower and a witness.


Negotiable instruments play a major role in trade world. We can use negotiable instruments for international trades. These instruments can either be negotiable or non-negotiable.

  • First I would like to thank you for your nice blog to help people like me.
  • Both my parents invested money with a builder who gave them monthly interest by cheque for many years.After my mother passed away the builder started defaulting in the monthly interest cheques.
  • If ok, you can transfer this money to your father’s a/c and let him write the Note in your father’s name.
  • Promise to pay money only – If the instrument contains a promise to pay something in addition money, it cannot be a promissory note.

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In writing – A promissory note must be in writing. If the process is genuinely follow than need not to worry. Follow the legal process and cooperate with police. Their is a chain of process to issue a loan and being loan officer you need not to worry about.

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My question is, is this PN enough to legally enforce him to return my money? I would hesitate to take it to court if success is not guaranteed. How long these kind of litigation take on an average for verdict.